❝ Charming. Witty. Spirited. Simply enchanting! ❞


Paronomasia-passionate, alliteration-addicted,
onomatopoeia-obsessed whirlwind,
notorious midnight oil-burner, deep-soul-diver,
twinkle toe, little fighter spirit & mischievous pixie
with a radiant smile
and enough energy to fuel a medium-sized funfair.

Other than that – Actress.


Bettina was born near the alpha world city Frankfurt. Her childhood in England might explain her predilection for the scent of gas cookers and an utter dislike for the misuse of the Saxon genitive. She attended elementary & secondary school in Germany, where she made her debut performing in plays & musicals as well as in concerts as a solo singer and later cellist & pianist at the age of 7.

Notwithstanding her concerns about the apparent lack of mixer taps on the -otherwise beloved- island, she decided to return to England to study Drama & Dance at the prestigious London Studio Centre in London.
Since then she has lived in several cities & countries, whirled across stages and sets in occident & orient, and (surprise! or maybe not) loves the idea of a tiny wheeled house...

Her first co-written & self-produced short "ACTOR 3.0" was awarded in the Category "Special" at the Film Festival Munich 2013.

She currently plays the role of Anybodys in the acclaimed new production of West Side Story at the Komische Oper Berlin, awarded Opera House of the season, and continues to work as an actress & voice artist for film & television.

Find her on...
Go to www.bettina-kenney.com